Shirts for man - Natural Dye & Handwoven

Be natural

Be uniek

Dress healthy




Shirts are often produced by machines and stitched by people we don´t know. We don´t feel grateful for the clothing we are buying. We  want you to feel happy, when you are buying clothing.

Be natural

Our shirts are coloured only with natural material. The colours let your appearance shine natural.


All our shirts are handwoven. That makes every shirt unique.

Dress HEalthy

All natural natural dye ingredients have proven effect on healing the skin and body. We use only organic cotton.



We understand you.
Feel gratefull again for buying fashion.

- we use organic cotton and natural dyeing
- all material is handwoven
- we are helping people and nature

Indigo light


Iron water

1) Pick your style

Choose between "slim fit" and "regular". Your style makes you feel confident.

2) choose your colour

Which colour makes you look good? Each natural colour has special effects on your skin and body.

3) place a order

You finally can be gratefull. You have chosen to enjoy organic quality and to make a difference.